Suede Laminate with Raised Foil

Suede Cards Raised Foil
4 Color 2 Sides 16pt Cover, Choose silver, gold or holographic foil on one or two sides
Suede with Raised Foil adds a flash of brilliance! The combination of raised foil contrasted with the velvety smooth suede foundation creates a tactile experience you can see and feel. With the 1.5 mil scuff resistant laminate, you get a 19pt thick card.
Other sizes available, just ask!
5-7 Day turnaround
Shipping included!

5.5x8.5 Foil 1 side100$ 684.00
250$ 702.00
500$ 948.00
3.5x2 Foil 1 side100$ 88.84
250$ 121.51
500$ 156.20
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Choose from Silver, Gold or Holographic Foil.


Total$ 89.00

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